In Memoriam


Eric Wang | Jamie Gores | George Hague

To Mr. Hague: friend, chemistry teacher, mentor, fighter, hero.

You were always so strong. A real fighter. I have admired you so much in the time that we have known each other. Whenever I felt overwhelmed by school or personal loss, I looked at you and realized that your fight was so much harder. You were not only fighting for yourself. You were fighting for your family, for me, for your classes, for your school. I have never known such a strong-willed person.

You told us that you thought our class would get more 5s on the AP test. I think we will, and we will know when school begins again. And it will begin again. It will never be the same without you. I miss your corny jokes in class. I miss your booming voice echoing down the science building. I miss the stories you tell over and over. I miss the harmless ridicule that you dish out to your students every day. I miss being called one of the "DK brothers." I miss Captain Chemistry. Nothing will be the same without you, but everything will go on.

I think you are still here. Maybe not physicially, but mentally and spiritually. You still have not given up. You are still fighting. And you are fighting through us. Fighting to help us achieve what you always knew we could. Fighting to help us become what we could only dream of becoming. Fighting to help us grow. Just as you did in life, you continue to help us in your death. Thank you, my friend. I will fight.