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private krankenversicherung   Website  (June 27th 2003)
Hello! Loved this site, very informative and well constructed! Best wishes from Germany
Robin  Email   (February 18th 2003)
holy cow...looks like i should be talking more or something. gotta love the idle chatter in your guestbook...anyway, i'll see you at prom! :o)
brad     (November 17th 2002)
word up g. nice site... really it is
Phana  Email   (November 16th 2002)
Sok suhbai puh-own broh! (Hello little brother) Long time no see. I see you are busy with school, and all and that it'll pay off in the end, but sometimes you gotta live for today. We miss you around here and we hope to spend a couple of days with you around the holidays. That's it I guess.

~Kevin     (November 14th 2002)
Heya David. It's been a while since I've visited. Sorry, but it's the truth. You know how busy we all have been. blehk... College... Oh well, in the end it'll be all worth it. Best of wishes to you and your endeavors.
John  Email Website  (November 2nd 2002)
Hi! Gut gemacht die Seite! Gerne wieder :)
Cherie Blaylock  Email Website  (October 16th 2002)
hey David, youre an awesome guy! I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you at Journey's birthday party. Cant wait to see you again soon! stay sweet! Love Always, Cherie

Gustavo (Gus) Cela  Email   (October 15th 2002)
Hey! Nice website. I hope it lasts for a long time, and that it keeps growing!
~J~  Email Website  (September 29th 2002)
wellz... haven't left a msg for awhile.. so here i am.. but that doens't mean that i haven't been checking out ur site.. i have.. maybe not as much as before cuz we all know that we have soo much to do and coming up and stuff... but yeahh.. can't believe we are seniors already... can't believe hc is just one week away.... i know we've ... all of us have been through a lot this year but this year is meant to be the best.. and it will... i don't doubt it..... but yeah.. stop stressing out.. and stop CUSSING.. god... all those profane words.... okie dokie.. good luck with everything.. i'll ttyl then~
Fumiko  Email   (September 18th 2002)
Hey David, I just wanted to say hi and tell you for the 100th time that I love your website. So yeah, SMU's pretty cool, and I LOVE the fact that I have my first class at 12:30! Anyways, keep up the good work!
Jess  Email Website  (September 5th 2002)
Dude, i really actually like yer site. at first i was like - wow, morbid. but nah- i read it, and i like it. Im really sorry bout yer friends, i remember hearing about it and i drive by there all the time - but, it never really crossed my mind that you would know them. By your site you seem to be strong enough for it. God never burdens you with something you can't handle - my belief. anyway - START TALKING TO ME MORE! i havnt seen you in forever, what happened!! dont tell me it was your viola. Its not like you live that far! COME TO CHURCH! its fun, i promise! yea aiight, well - i got soccer, AS ALWAYS! maybe soon it will pay off and get me into college but for now its just plain old practice. so- ill talk to ya SOON. LAYTUH. ....
wow, that was a lil long. eh, whatev. HOLLA!
Scott  Email   (August 24th 2002)
Hello David. I like the new logo--there's just something about that font. Anyway, all you need now is crazy javascript...
Alex  Email Website  (August 20th 2002)
Hey Dave! It's Alex from SMU TAG. Dirty Wang? yeah!
Like your site.. very personal.. and it gives such a calm introspective feeling..
well, i'll ttyl ok! good luck in school.
*dg*  Email   (August 11th 2002)
Great site david im sure that both Eric and Jamie are glad that their friends have shown such love towards them and will honor the memory of their lives.
Chris  Email Website  (August 6th 2002)
Whenever i feel like being depressed i just come look at your color (or lack there of) scheme :)

j/k..awesome site
brad  Email   (August 4th 2002)
hey david. nice site, i come to it alot, just dont tell you... dont want you thinking i care... j/k anyways, keep it up.

(admin edit:sorry, removed the ad)
~J~  Email Website  (August 4th 2002)
HEyyy.... how come i was deleted as a member.. HUH.. am i not good enough for something? hehe.. but yeahh.. i am soo confused.. what do u do with it and how do you use it.... its too complicated.. make it easier for stupid people like me.. GEzzz... but yeahh.... just here checking stuff out... i guess i'll ttyl or something..!! School is going to start soon.. i am soo EXCITEd.. we are going to be seniors.. isn't that exciting.. hehe.. OH YEAH.. it sure is....
ChanC  Email Website  (August 2nd 2002)
Just wanted to say whats up. Come around more often so we can hang out more. Maybe we can go do stuff like the stuff that people do..hehe..well..take care and keep in touch..

Peace Out...side, ChanC
MoopBrown  Email   (July 27th 2002)

This is impressive. I'm glad I checked it out. Original thoughts as usual.
~J~  Email   (July 27th 2002)
hmm.... i dunno if u r back yet but i haven't really got the time or chance to look at ur site for awhile.. probably becuz u were gone... but yeahh... i am soo sorry about Mr. Hague... but don't feel too bad.. all of u guys did soo well ... learned a lot.. and i am sure he's satisfied to have you all but yeah.. this year really sux.. nothing seems to go right.. everything bad possible had happened this year already.. eric... still miss him like crazy... maybe i am still in my dream world where he's just sleeping.... but.. oh wellz.... i know this summer has been crazy.. i know we've been arguing but i really don't know what more to say... its over.. and i am over with it.... i guess that's just it... don't try to dwell on it.. its just too hard in the summer to stay exactly the same cuz everybody's life is soo different and you don't get to see each other as much or what not but yeahh.. i hope u had fun over there @ Columbia... i guess i'll ttyl.... new year is starting soon.... hope that this year.. will be the best.. blast.... we should enjoy it.. cuz we all know.. time will passes by faster than we know or could ever imagine... but yeahh.. i guess this is long enough.. i'll stop here for now.... enjoy ur summer and ... oh yeah.. i am sorry... about everything... laterz..
ksnd     (July 26th 2002)
"All laughing comes from misapprehension. Rightly looked at there is no laughable thing under the sun."

Thomas Hardy, Jude the Obscure
Administrator  Email Website  (July 21st 2002)
We have experienced such great loss as one might wonder if we should lose the ability to feel. Our most recent loss, that of Mr. Hague, has hit many of us very hard. I will soon dedicate a portion of this website to his memory, and as always, contributions are welcome. You might note that there was already an entry in the Dedication page to him, and I plan to make an amendment to that entry. Someone loved is never lost or perished.
daniel     (July 13th 2002)
hey stan how about giving me your sn...i thought it was that long ass one...the arewanades.....i dunno...but apparently you are hiding from me!...and..uh..no...no raving...weirdo...obnoxious.
stan  Email Website  (July 10th 2002)
hey signing the guest book as requested. hey david you should sign my subprofile. i would appreciate it. well just adding my name to the long list... hey everyone! and david nice site, but you should add more color just a suggestion make some lights in raveing patterns. hehe
Daniel Kim  Email   (July 9th 2002)
Well...if you were interested..by any chance..i started working on this essay..on freedom...i dunno when i'll finish with it..but i thought it would be nice to write on something so important
Zemed Antehunegne  Email   (June 25th 2002)
This is a really nice website. I am extremely impressed.
Soda C.  Email   (June 18th 2002)
okay heres round 2
i hope this one post okay
hehehehe thats it

Phana  Email   (June 17th 2002)
Hi David! Thanks for letting me visit your site, it helps me to see into your mind for a brief moment. I'm sure this is just the beginning right? Well, I'll try to keep my msg short and simple. Seeing as how talented and intelligent you are and how much you've grown mentally as well as physically, that it wouldn't take much for you to understand what I am trying to tell you. You may or may not have thought about this, but I think you are lucky to have 2 families. I know that sometimes it maybe hard, or things maybe awkward, but all in all who can really say that no matter where they go in life, whomever they meet, whatever they do, there's another family out there who's only connection to you is in your blood and yet our love for you is so unconditional. We will always be there, wherever it might be, to support you. Little brother, I know that the love is strong enough to bring us closer and will bind us all together as a family.

Love ya lotz,
~J~  Email Website  (June 17th 2002)
hEy david... wellz... happy birthday.. u r finally 17.. gezz.. why are you guys soo young? haha.. j/k j/k.. its ohk.. u guys act soo mature.. i seem to be the young and immature one.. but its not my fault.. i can't help it.. =-(..!! SOOooo yeahh... i hope u had an ok time yesterday.. i know it wasn't too great cuz valleyview sucked but i am really tired of Galleria.. hehe.. soo sorry... but anywayz... Hahah.. hello john.. thanx for the shoutout on david's gbook.... we both say hi... and yeah.. we've been busy... SAt... volunteering... driver's ed... what not.... but it'll get better .. in july and oh yeah.. when do u have time to do something with tiff? hehe. =-p.. we'll all have to work something out but yeahh.. hope that u r having a great summer too..!! ANd.... hehe.. Daniel.. my baby.. thanx for ur msg too.. AWw.. i love you soo much too and ONLY YOU.. *muah*.. hehe... david.. i say i really do need a separate section just for ME... hehe.. =-p... but yeahh... gezz.. add more stuff... FUN stuff.. ok? i'll come back later.... i'll ttyl then.. have a great summer!! =-p...
John K.  Email Website  (June 15th 2002)
what's up man?...the website is awesome, you should be a writer, you're really good. yea, but we have to get that quartet thin' going...win some of those compets man... get the nice greens!hehe... anyways.. if you'll let me add...hey jen!you never get on...i say a how are you... and since tiff like never gets on tell her i say how you doing(*you* emphasized)and i think she's like a goddess whom no mortal deserves(revised by david...hehe)... okie well.. i'll sign again david... lataz~
Daniel   Email   (June 11th 2002)
Hey...visiting your site again...keep up the good work..oh yeah..if you don't mind...i'd like to leave two different things...1) i love you jennifer...hehe..and 2) uhm....korea is going to win...bye
~J~  Email   (May 31st 2002)
oops.. i forgot to put down the most important part.. my mom loved ur page too.. =-p...
~J~  Email   (May 31st 2002)
J'z here.... like always.. =-p.... keep it up.... i agree with Zack.... *r u the Zack i met after the funeral?* but yeahh..... i come here... missing them and remembering all those times when they were still alive.. like i said... maybe not even 1/10 of us sign ur gbook when we drop by but all of us... appreciate ur work... thank you soo much from deep inside.. i love you..... cheer up ok?? =-p....
Zack Tuck  Email Website  (May 31st 2002)
This is a good website. I often find myself checking it and thinking about Eric and Jamie, and being comforted. Your musings on varied subjects are often insightful, but I must admit that what I value most is seeing you question the world without fear, even if that questioning produces only a partial truth or even more confusion.
I encourage you to keep it going - see what challenges and opportunities result from using this medium of communication.
Sorry if that was a little dry, but I've been wanting to communicate a few of those points for a while.
~J~  Email   (May 16th 2002)
wellz... i dunno what's going to happen next but i thank you for always being there... its never ur fault.... but its just inevitable that i feel that way right now.. so don't worry.. whatever happens... remember what u promise me.. stay and take care of him.... thanx...
aleksandr     (May 14th 2002)
alright, here's my two cents (you asked for it).

i enjoy the memorial section. it's a really nice thing.

in the notes section you glorify the "word" in the sense of language, saying that it is the place where the "good" of humanity resides. but David! language is the web that restricts and strangles us. language will always be inferior to what it is supposed to be. language will never communicate anything but a warped version of that platonic concept that is in your mind. how can a word mean exactly what you want it to and then have the same relationship with another individual? words are never enough, it is only through gestures that we are able to truly express something to someone else. it is through that soft kiss or the punch in the face that someone else comes to understand what you are feeling.

and brain usage. well, sir, if the brain is such a magnificent organ, why do we only use (on average) 10percent of it normally? and, pray tell, why the percentage increases when psychoactive/psychotropic drugs are being used? david, might your time be better spent dealing drugs than updating websites?

...probably not. i'm just kidding, nice work.
Blaine     (May 14th 2002)
The memorials are great, and the simplistic design makes me happy. Yeah. Anyway, I'm here, so, okay.
~Kevin  Email   (May 13th 2002)
This is my first time signing your guestbook. The site looks great David. I'm happy you did this. It's been one month now and I still find myself thinking about them. Things change, but they shouldn't be like this. Anyway, I'll see you again tomorrow, and the day after that for who knows how long.
DANIEL..very angry daniel     (May 2nd 2002)
Hey..what's up with that...first you say i haven't signed enough..now you don't want me to? geez..people are so confusing...i'll just stop signing...NO ARGUING..just explaining...
Daniel Kim     (April 29th 2002)
HEY BRIAN..back off..geez...i was just typing..late at night..it was a typo...and besides...u aren't supposed to make use it at all...hah!
Brian     (April 29th 2002)
This is pretty cool, I liked the memorials section page thing that you made. keep up the good work, i guess. by the way, daniel, a lot is two words
~J~  Email   (April 28th 2002)
HEHe.. me HERE TOO... *wink wink*.. and u know WHY.. =-p! ANYwayz... yea yea yea.. good job.. what not... this year is almost ending.. eww.. i am scared but we'll all be here for each other right? hehe...
Daniel Kim     (April 27th 2002)
Hmm..i felt like i didn't do justice with my first comment...anyway..here i am..like i said...i think that what you did with your site is very commendable...i know that you spent alot of time..and it's very nice...good job...i'll come by occasionally and sign in...keep it up....talk to you later...
Andrew     (April 21st 2002)
Thanks so much for putting the tributes and pictures for both eric and jamie.
minnie  Email Website  (April 21st 2002)
ur site is awesome, david. i really like it and ur tribute ur friends is very touching. umm.. nothing much else to say here... so uhh keep up the good work (i hate saying that.. sounds kinda condescending...). =P later.
John     (April 20th 2002)
nice site david! evrybody appreciates your dedication - keep it up
Scott's     (April 20th 2002)
I can't see nothing tonight. Good ole' Dan, you'll have to guide me right. My cleverity is currently low.
Betsy  Email   (April 19th 2002)
Great site, David ! I'm really impressed and I'm really proud of you. Good job. ( I can't think of anything profound to say right now. )
Chase Park IK  Email   (April 19th 2002)
wassuh David? nice site, i like what u did wit it, n all da tribute thingies.
wheres da tribute to me tho? TT.TT
jus sayin wassup. ites, lata den.
PiSS Out ^^

Fumiko  Email   (April 16th 2002)
David, thank you so much for all you have done by helping many of us get through this difficult time. The site is beautiful and I know that Eric and Jamie really appreciate what you have done for them. Today, I came to realize that everything is gonna be okay. Its true what they say... time will heal.
Edwin  Email Website  (April 15th 2002)
dood ... i'm sorry about what's happened ... but it's nice to know that you guys are strong ... if any of you marksmen need anything ... we're family so gimme a call.
Bill  Email   (April 15th 2002)
Hey DSK, I hope ur feeling better bro. I'm here for you.
~J~  Email   (April 15th 2002)
hehe.,, me signing after my baby.. =-p! but yeahh.. i think... everybody seems to be a lot better after the funeral... we all know that no matter where he is.. he's going to be in our hearts and minds... cheer up ohk? let's cherish that time WE have together... and the page u made for eric really means a lot to everybody.. thank you.. i'll ttyl...
Daniel Kim  Email   (April 14th 2002)
Hmm...hurry up and get your guestbook ready..geez...oh...yeah...now your site is better...i guess...haha..or i could just say that cuz i'm nice...bye bye..i'll be back later
eric m. wang     (April 7th 2002)
m is for morton! not for moron. today, i'm in an ecstatic mood! i hope i spelt that write. so as a reflection of my good mood, i'm going to write such a beautifully long long long guestbook entry if i can come up with so much that is. to start out with i'd like to complement you on your site... it's beautifully simplistic. right. i had some more, but your comp is stingy with it's space.....
Robin  Email   (April 7th 2002)
hey! looks good! i hope to see you sometime again. :o)
~J~  Email Website  (April 5th 2002)
hey... good work over here... keep it up ohk.. don't let it die like all of mine... but yeahh.. thanx for always being there for me.. i know i am hard to understand and unreasonable sometimes but... i guess that's just the way i am.. but thanx for being such a good friend and always by my side... wellz.. i hope u the best... good luck with everything.. i'll ttyl... oh yeah... add more pictures... too much writingz i say... i don't have extra brain cells to think and read all of them.. har har
~J~  Email Website  (April 5th 2002)
hey.... very good job.. keep it up... i want more pictures though.. gezz.. don't make it soo profound... its just a homepage... i don't have extra brain cells to read all those words.....
Andrew  Email Website  (April 5th 2002)
nice page...nice gbook...keep it up
Dad  Email Website  (April 5th 2002)
Gracias por la dedicacion a la gente de la clinica.

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